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(Referred as “JOURNAL” thereinafter)

    1. AUTHOR


Within this agreement;
PAPER is all sorts of academic pieces such as articles, researches, book reviews, case-analyses, and chronologies.  
ARTICLE is a written scientific work which gives information about a subject, or clarifies a point of view or an issue, or suggests a new opinion/view, with the aim of supporting or testing its accuracy depending on scientific research and inquiry.

Rights transferred to the JOURNAL by the AUTHOR(S) are as follows:
Notwithstanding any limitations, all possession rights including financial copyright rights and usage rights of the entitled article/research paper/book review/case-analyses etc., which are produced in conformity with domestic laws and regulations by the AUTHOR for the JOURNAL; operation/manipulation rights in any shape and format; notwithstanding the format (without limiting time, place and number) copying rights, publication rights, representation rights (not only limited with free, pay, digital, wired, and satellite), public transmission rights with means of sign, sound and/or visual transmissions, every copyright and financial rights including the ones deriving from publication and transmissions via internet and other virtual environments, gsm and mobile phones. The AUTHOR agrees to adjustments, reductions and shortening of the article by the JOURNAL editors for publication.      

It consists of determining rights and responsibilities deriving from the publication of the AUTHOR’s own work in the form of an article/research paper/book review/case-analysis etc., its transmission to the utmost widest mass and contribution to the intellectual world and at the same time its publication within the JOURNAL to represent the AUTHOR and the afore-mentioned work.

5.1. The AUTHOR transfers all rights of the article/research paper/book review/case-analysis etc. which are declared in article 3 to the JOURNAL. The AUTHOR accepts not to demand any charge from the JOURNAL bearing in mind that the JOURNAL does not aim at any profit-related activities.

5.2. Submission does not automatically lead to the publication of the AUTHOR’s paper. Unpublished papers are not returned.

5.3. JOURNAL holds TRANSFERRED RIGHTS during the revision period. AUTHOR accepts and warrants that neither he nor a third party can advance a claim about RIGHTS. The AUTHOR holds all the responsibility for third-party demands deriving from possible incriminations that might be caused by the submitted work.

5.4. JOURNAL accepts the AUTHOR as the owner/creator of the written work and respects all rights deriving from Law No 5846 on Intellectual Property Rights of the Republic of Turkey.

5.5. The parties accept within the meaning of the Law no 5846 that if moral rights of the AUTHOR deriving from his paper are violated as a result of its publication in the JOURNAL, its prosecution can be made by the JOURNAL when the JOURNAL deems it necessary.

5.6. It is the AUTHOR’s responsibility to send the article in accordance with the JOURNAL’s guidelines available at and to make necessary changes asked by the JOURNAL.

5.7. AUTHOR accepts and warrants that the submitted manuscript is the sole, original work of him and has not been previously published, does not violate any copyrights, and has been submitted only to the JOURNAL. Statements of facts and opinions are the sole responsibility of the AUTHOR and do not imply their endorsement by the JOURNAL.

5.8. JOURNAL has the right to transfer some or all of its rights deriving from this contract to another legal or real personality, or create partnership with a third party.

5.9. Parties accept and affirm that addresses declared within this agreement are for legal notification and any notification made on these addresses will bear all sorts of legal results unless notarized changes are declared before with written notification.

5.10. Parties of the agreement will firstly endeavor to solve disagreements deriving from interpretation and application of the agreement in peaceful ways. If such a settlement is not reached, the disputes or controversies whether at law or in equity arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration in Ankara, Turkey. Such arbitration shall comply with and be governed by the provisions of Ankara courts, and judgment upon the award tendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The cost of arbitration including but not limited to attorneys' fees shall be borne by the losing party or in such proportion as the arbitrator(s) shall determine.