Call for Papers - Turkey's relations within the context of the Syrian Crisis/War

Call for Papers

Special Issue: Turkey’s relations within the context of the Syrian Crisis/War

Guest Editors: Gencer Özcan and Salih Bıçakcı

Uluslararası İlişkiler / Journal of International Relations is pleased to announce a special issue on Turkey’s relations with other actors within the context of the Syrian Crisis/War. With its longevity, manifold tragic outcomes and fatal fallouts, the crisis has already changed the strategic landscape in the Middle East. Soon after it broke out, the crisis instigated a severe power struggle for the regional supremacy. Of those that took sides in the struggle, Turkey was one of the countries that interfered in the crisis from its inception with significant impact on the way events leading to the crisis unfolded. Before the uprisings, Ankara had forged extensive cooperation schemes with Syria including trade agreements, visa exemption regulations and cultural organizations. However, Turkey committed itself to a regime change policy almost immediately after the demonstrations in Syria and resorted to all available means to ensure the removal of the Syrian regime. However, the regime was able to hold out. Furthermore, when devastating consequences began to spill over into the neighboring countries, fallout from the crisis which Turkey had to deal with snowballed. As of the latter part of 2017, Turkey seems to have been bogged down in the Syrian quagmire. One of the aspects of the impact that the crisis had on Turkey was seen in the deterioration of Ankara’s relations with its Western allies. First and foremost, the crisis drove a wedge between Turkey and the United States due to differing views on how to handle armed groups fighting the regime. In the later days of the crisis, Turkey’s already strained relations with Iran worsened. After taking down the Russian fighter, Turkey’s relations with Russia seemed to have fallen victim to the crisis.

The special issue is looking forward to publishing articles in English. Articles addressing to the way Turkey has coped with various forms of the pressure stemming from transborder groups are also welcome. Articles are also expected to address different manifestations of the politicians in Turkey and in other third countries by instrumentalization of various issues related to the Syrian crisis. 

All submissions will be reviewed by two referees. Last date of submissions of manuscripts to the editor’s mail address ( is October 1, 2017.