Özel Sayı Çağrısı: Turkish-Russian Relations in a Multipolar World


Special Issue (Autumn 2023)


“Turkish-Russian Relations in a Multipolar World”

Guest Editor: Dr. Dimitar Bechev
Uluslararası İlişkiler is pleased to announce a special issue on “Turkish-Russian Relations in a Multipolar World.”

Russian-Turkish relations have attracted much attention over the past decade from both policy analysts and scholars. The war in Syria and the rapid shift from confrontation to cooperation in the mid-2010s have revealed the complexity of relations between Ankara and Moscow. Conflicts in other parts of the Middle East and the post-Soviet space such as Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, and most recently Ukraine have also seen Russia and Turkey competing while at the same time engaging and working together to craft political-diplomatic solutions. Energy ties have thrived thanks to the completion of the TurkStream pipeline and the progress made in constructing a nuclear plant at Akkuyu. Defense cooperation between Russia and Turkey, notably the purchase of S-400 surface-to-air missiles, has strained relations between Turkey and the US, its principal ally within NATO. Against this backdrop, analysts have drawn a parallel between the political systems in Russia and Turkey under the current presidential regime, contrasting them with the Western model of liberal democracy. This has shifted attention to mutual ideological borrowings and cross-currents between Russia and Turkey and their imperial predecessors.

The special issue pursues a twofold objective. First, it will take stock and present an up-to-date snapshot of the interaction between Russia and Turkey on specific topics (security, economics, trade, society, and culture) and in different regional settings (the Middle East and North Africa, the Black Sea, the Southern Caucasus, Central Asia, the Balkans). Second, to broaden the debate and make it relevant to IR generalists, it will locate Russian-Turkish relations in a broader theoretical and historical context. Issues of interest include how power shifts at the systemic and regional level impact the bilateral relationship; Russia’s and Turkey’s responses to the decline of US-led hegemonic order and the rise of China; the workings of the EU-Turkey-Russia triangle and its effects on the politics, economies, and societies of the European periphery; how global challenges such as climate change and the West-led green transition bear on Russian-Turkish relations. We also welcome comparative work juxtaposing particular aspects of politics, institutions, and society of Russia and Turkey and papers highlighting the role of history and historical legacy in the present day.

The special issue is open to contributions from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to geography, political science, history, sociology, literature.

The manuscripts should be between 6000-8000 words and fully comply with the author guidelines indicated on the journal website (https://uidergisi.com.tr/style-guidelines).

Proposals for papers (c. 500 words), along with a proposed paper structure, should be sent directly to the guest editor, Dimitar Bechev (dimitar.bechev@politics.ox.ac.uk), by 30 March 2022. The deadline for final paper submissions will be 30 July 2022. Submitted papers will undergo a rigorous, double-blind peer-reviewing process and are scheduled for publication in the autumn of 2023.